Camp des Débrouillards
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Located in: Quebec, Canada

Each year, more than 27 employees arrive on site in May to make every effort to provide outstanding service to these young Débrouillards science buffs and outdoor adventures. In addition to being certified by the Association des Camps du Québec, the company maintains strict standards on all levels. The staff recruitment process is rigorous and supervision on the part of the management team and the management is continuing on the site throughout the summer. Each summer, Camp Débrouillards, associated with renowned magazines and DÉBROUILLARDS THE EXPLORERS, allows thousands of campers to live a memorable adventure with its programming filled with exciting activities, special guests, shows, tourist attractions in the beautiful Laurentian region and its concern for all times to offer a service which stands out for its exemplary professionalism. Because we know that a stay at the Camp Débrouillards will make a difference in the life course of your child, we are committed to meet your needs in a personalized and dedicated way. Hope to see you this summer!

Phone: 877-749-2267

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Summer/Winter 76 Chemin de Barkmere Barkmere QC J0T 1A0