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Sleep Away Or Day

Sleep Away or Day? How to decide when they’re ready to spend the night.

There is no magic age that a child will be suddenly ready to spend the night at camp. Many camps have a minimum age of around 7 years old, but just because your child is the right age, does not mean that you should be sending them away to overnight camp rather than a day camp. There are a number of things you should consider before sending your child away to a week-long or even overnight camp that could help to ensure everyone is happy with your camp decision.

How to Choose the Right Camp

How to Choose the Right Camp

If you’ve been looking through some of the amazing camps on our website, it should already be clear to you that there are enough options Canada-wide to suit every child and family need that could possibly arise when deciding on a summer camp. We’d like to outline some simple steps you can take that will help you decide on a summer camp for your child.

What to Bring to Camp

What to Bring to Camp

Camps vary in their activities, and the time of year in which they take place, but there are a few key things that you will want to make sure you’ve got with you before you start out on your camping adventure. We recommend looking at the camp you are planning on attending to see if there is anything specific to that camp or location that they ask each camper to bring.

Why should my camp be on Canadian Adventure?

Canadian Adventure gives your camp the opportunity to be seen by everyone. And we don’t just mean everyone in your area or even your province, we mean everyone who is looking for a camp in Canada, and Internationally! Whether your camp already has a website, or could use a digital helping hand- Canadian Adventure will give you the ability to reach as many people as possible with your information.

Why Send Your Kid to Camp

Why Send Your Kid to Camp

Camp is one of the greatest experiences a child can have. There are many reasons why the camp experience can benefit both children and parents and we’d like take some time to highlight a few of them for you.

Useful Links

In addition to the articles and search tools on our website, we would also like to provide you with some useful links to tools that may make camp easier for you and your child.

Activity Planning for Junior Campers (age 6 - age 8)

Most camps have a set-programming schedule to help decide how campers will spend the majority of their time at camp. However, some of the games and activities between scheduled programming might require a bit of creativity- especially if you need to keep younger campers entertained and moving. Here are some tips and ideas for how to handle programming for junior campers.

Activity Planning for Teenage Campers (13-16)

It can be difficult activity planning for older campers, but with the proper prep you can have activities that will get teens excited about taking on leadership roles and participating in camp activities. One of the hardest challenges you face when activity planning for teens is making sure that they stay motivated to participate. Choosing age appropriate and challenging activities can help you overcome the teenage motivation barrier.

Camp Outside Your Province

Camp Outside Your Province

Canada is a BIG country, and there are many amazing experiences at tons of fantastic camps across the country just waiting to be discovered. If you’ve ever considered going to camp, or working at a camp, in another province then we’ve got some more reasons to add to the list. Canadian Adventure features camps from all over Canada, why not go for the ultimate Canadian adventure this summer and go to, or work at, a camp in another province!

Camp Subsidies in Canada

Camp can be an expensive venture, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on your child’s needs, your financial situation as a family, and your location there are many subsidies for camp available in Canada to help make camp available to every child. Below are some of the subsidies you can access online that might make your child’s dream of going to camp a reality!

Dealing With Homesickness

Dealing with Homesickness

A child’s first time away at camp can be a very exciting time. They’ll experience some amazing new things and make friendships that can last for years to come, but what happens if that child gets homesick while they’re away? Homesickness, is a part of the camp experience that many children face- and overcome- every camp season. Here are some simple steps that you can take as a parent, or as a camp councillor to prepare for, and ease a child’s desire to return home during their stay at camp.

How to feel comfortable sending your child with special needs to camp

It can be hard sending any child away to camp, as a parent- you’re bound to worry about your child when they aren’t with you. It can be even harder feeling comfortable sending your child to camp if your child has a disability or special needs that will need to be attended to during their stay. Here are a few tips for parents with children who have special needs in order to help make you feel more comfortable sending your child to camp.

How to prepare for working at Camp

If you’re working at a camp for the first time this summer, or going back to work at camp and you want to make sure you’re prepared, then read through the list we’ve compiled of things that can help prepare you for working at camp. The camp you are working at may even have their own list of things for you to check out or do before you start so be sure to check in with your camp director or hiring manager to make sure when camp starts you’re more than ready to have a safe, fun, productive summer.

How to write to your child at camp

When homesickness strikes your words might just provide a child with the extra love they need to make it through a rough patch.

The value of Educational Camps

Educational camps may sound a bit dull, but really they are anything but. They can be an amazing opportunity to expand upon or develop new skills that can shape a child’s education and possibly even their future. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider an educational camp for your child this summer.

What Makes an Accredited Camp?

Accreditation is a process that allows a camp to verify that it meets or exceeds a set of standards that, for that province, cover all the various aspects of camp operation. Because each province has their own set of rules and regulations in regards to camp accreditation, we’ve provided you here with a link to the accreditation guidelines by province, so that you can better understand what goes into making a camp accredited in 2016.

Why Work At a Camp This Summer

Why work at a camp this summer?

When it comes to summer jobs, you have a lot of options. You can go for a job that gets you some experience in a field you wish to pursue, or even a job that will make you a lot of money so you can save for school, but you should also consider a job that will help you become the best version of yourself. Working at camp this summer can have some definite advantages that you may have yet considered. Here is a few arguments for why you might want to consider a camp job this summer.

Featured Camps

Camp Arowhon

Camp Arowhon

Everyone knows the value of getting away from routines and technology to spend time in nature. Around the world, kids feel a different kind of energy take hold as their camp busses roll off highways through camp gates each summer.

Camp Bil-O-Wood

Beginning in 1946, Camp Bil-O-Wood Has been run by the Ludwig Family for generations.

Keats Camps

Keats Camp

Keats Camps has been serving youth and families for over 85 years as a part of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Thriving during the summer months, our property comes alive with over a thousand campers & staff and all of their visiting parents & friends.

Manitoba Pioneer Camp

Manitoba Pioneer Camp

Founded in 1940, Manitoba Pioneer Camp has been operating ever since as a life-changing summer camp for children and youth. It is part of a network of nine Inter-Varsity Camps across Canada.

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