Frequently Asked Questions

How do I filter my camp search?

You can filter your camp search by using the drop down boxes in the search camps tab. You can filter your camp search using any number of categories or none at all if you would like to see a list of camps Canada- wide. The categories you can search by are as follows: geographic area, activities, gender, camp type, accessibility, camp name, session dates, and size. Search results are limited to a certain amount displaying per page, so if you would like to expand and see more results per page please click the indicated button at the bottom of your search results.

Where can I find out more information about a specific camp?

At Canadian Adventure we try to provide as much information about each of our camps as we possibly can. Each camp is given a profile that can apply to our search filters helping you find the best camp fit for you. We've also tried, whenever possible, to include links in each camp's profile, so users can access their websites to learn more. If a webpage is not available for that camp, then we've also tried to provide you with a camp specific contact and email, or phone number, so that you can reach out to that camp should you have any more questions.

What do I do if the camp I’m looking for isn’t on Canadian Adventure?

If you are looking for a specific camp that isn't on Canadian Adventure, please let us know! We try to make our database as comprehensive as possible and we would love to know if there is something you were looking for that you couldn't find within our site. We're always looking for new camps to add so if you know of a great camp that's missing from our list, then send us their name and any other information you have and we will either try to add them into our database- or get you the information you need!

How do I know a camp is a good fit for my family?

Here at Canadian Adventure we want to help you find a camp that works for both you and your children. We understand that it can be difficult deciding on a camp- especially a camp that you've never experienced before. We try to provide you with many tools to customize your search so that you can find a camp that fits all of your child's needs and preferences in a place that is convenient for you. You can search through camps using your own customized criteria and find out more about any camp you wish by clicking on their website or utilizing the contact information attached to their profile.

Where can I find more information on camp life and what to do to prepare my child for camp?

On Canadian Adventure we've tried to include a few basic articles on choosing a camp which will be right for you, and preparing your child for their time at camp. There are many online resources at your disposal but if you are having trouble finding out specific information that you feel would more readily prepare you or your child for their time at camp, then please let us know. We'd be happy to do some of the research for you, and add in some useful articles or links which will help lead you to the information you're searching for.

When and how can I register for the camp of my choice?

Each camp has their own application procedures and deadlines. If you would like to know more about the application procedures and deadlines for the camp of your choice, then we recommend visiting the page, profile, or website for that camp in particular and noting their individual requirements. If you have questions about a particular camp's procedures or session dates, then please contact the camp or the camp's director for more information by using the information provided in the camp profile.

Why should my camp be on Canadian Adventure?

Canadian Adventure gives your camp the opportunity to be seen by everyone. By adding your camp and verifying filters on the Canadian Adventure website, people from across Canada- and internationally- will be able to search using our filtering options to find the camp that's just right for them. Canadian Adventure is the most comprehensive search tool for camps- Canada-wide- without having to divide the country by province. We make sure users can easily find and select your camp, and then click to your information and website to find out more and register! Canadian Adventure also allows camps from across Canada to post available positions on our job board, so you can draw from a larger and more skilled application pool to fill your jobs than ever before.

Who does Canadian Adventure reach?

Canadian Adventure reaches users all across Canada. It reaches out to parents looking for a camp, and it also reaches children and teens looking for a camp for themselves. Our website is tailored to let users everywhere customize their search for the perfect camp, and discover camps that they may have never before known or considered. The website doesn't just stop at Canada though, the real Canadian Adventure starts with all users from English or French speaking countries who are looking for a truly Canadian camp experience. Canadian Adventure also has the added benefit of a job board, which makes contact with individuals across the country and internationally who may be looking to fill their time with a the perfect camp job.

How can I edit my camp on Canadian Adventure?

You can edit the information attached to your camp's profile at any time by simply signing in with your camp's login. Once signed in, you can go into our administrative tools and make any necessary changes. If you have any trouble changing information about your camp on Canadian Adventure, then please let our administrative team know, and we will have the issue fixed as soon as possible.

What should I do if my camp isn’t showing up when I apply search filters?

If your camp isn't showing up in the Canadian Adventure camp search tools once you apply filters, then you may need to go back into your profile and verify or edit the information attached to your camp. If you have not yet verified your information with Canadian Adventure, your camp will only show up in basic searches with no applied filters- for the purposes of accuracy. You will need to go into your profile and verify contact information, activities, accessibility, and your camp's geographic location etc.before your camp will show up in filtered searches. If you have verified your camps information and your camp is still not showing up in a filtered search, then please contact our administrative team for assistance.

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