What Makes an Accredited Camp?

The camps we feature on Canadian Adventure are accredited camps within their provinces. Accreditation is a process that allows a camp to verify that it meets or exceeds a set of standards that, for that province, cover all the various aspects of camp operation. Because each province has their own set of rules and regulations in regards to camp accreditation, we’ve provided you here with a link to the accreditation guidelines by province, so that you can better understand what goes into making a camp accredited in 2016.

In general the accreditation guidelines make sure that each camp does the following:

  • Adheres to a set of health and safety standards that are regularly inspected by staff and qualified officials.
  • Has an acceptable time commitment to the training of all of their staff.
  • Is found to be consistent in their application of applying the standards of an accredited camp in their given province.
  • Maintains safe equipment and practices, with the assistance of qualified staff members.
  • Have acceptable supervision practices for camper to councillor ratios.
  • Establishes and practices safety procedures in case of emergencies.
  • Has a medication, Health, and first aid protocol in place.
  • Puts camper safety experience as the center of their mission and practices.
  • Is an inclusive respectful environment for both campers and staff members.

Each province outlines a detailed description of the guidelines for camp accreditation. If you would like to know more about the policies and practices in place regarding a camp that you wish to attend please review the documents (divided by province) below to learn more!

PEI and Nova Scotia


New Brunswick












British Columbia



Camping Association

(709) 686-2363

Quite a lot goes into making the standards for camp accreditation for each individual province, so if you have any questions in regards to policy and practice for any one of the provinces we recommend you contact the camping association for that province. Each document linked to here is sourced directly from the provincial camping association page for each individual province. 

Featured Camps

Camp Arowhon

Camp Arowhon

Everyone knows the value of getting away from routines and technology to spend time in nature. Around the world, kids feel a different kind of energy take hold as their camp busses roll off highways through camp gates each summer.

Camp Bil-O-Wood

Beginning in 1946, Camp Bil-O-Wood Has been run by the Ludwig Family for generations.

Keats Camps

Keats Camp

Keats Camps has been serving youth and families for over 85 years as a part of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Thriving during the summer months, our property comes alive with over a thousand campers & staff and all of their visiting parents & friends.

Manitoba Pioneer Camp

Manitoba Pioneer Camp

Founded in 1940, Manitoba Pioneer Camp has been operating ever since as a life-changing summer camp for children and youth. It is part of a network of nine Inter-Varsity Camps across Canada.

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