Why should my camp be on Canadian Adventure?

Canadian Adventure gives your camp the opportunity to be seen by everyone. And we don’t just mean everyone in your area or even your province, we mean everyone who is looking for a camp in Canada, and Internationally! Whether your camp already has a website, or could use a digital helping hand- Canadian Adventure will give you the ability to reach as many people as possible with your information.


When we created Canadian Adventure there was an opportunity to reach out to the online community in a way that helped connect camps with new campers that had never been done before. We wanted to create a way for users to control a broader and more detailed search that connected them with their perfect camp, and to connect camps with their ideal staff and even more new campers than ever before. Individual provincial websites alone are limited in their ability to connect users with camps and vice versa. Canadian Adventure is the most comprehensive search tool for camps- Canada-wide- without having to divide the country by province. We make sure users can easily find and select your camp, and then click to your information and website to find out more, and register!


One of the best features of having your camp on Canadian Adventure is how many different ways you can show how your camp appeals to different users across Canada. By adding your camp and verifying filters on the Canadian Adventure website, people from across Canada- and internationally- will be able to search using filtering options to find out exactly how your camp fits them. One of the benefits to having your camp on the site is that you can set your own filters- and apply as many filters in as many different categories as you wish. Our goal is to connect users with the perfect camp for them- and by adding in your camp’s accessibility options, activity categories, gender availability, geographic region, dietary accommodations, contact information, and website details- you can allow users to discover just how perfect your camp is for their needs.


Canadian Adventure is a tool that can be applied in addition to having your camp on provincial camping association lists as well as your own camp website. Many of the camps on Canadian Adventure are already provincially accredited camps but having a link to your camp’s website in as many places as possible will only help to draw traffic back to your website where users can register for your camp’s sessions.


We can also help your camp if you don’t have a website! Canadian Adventure can help reach users with all of the basic contact information for your camp but moving forward we are also hoping to be able to provide a white-labeled website building opportunity for you and your camp. If website maintenance isn’t your strong suit then we’d be more than happy to help you create a page that helps build your camp community and keeps your online user experience positive and interactive helping to generate more traffic to your camp.


Canadian Adventure also allows camps from across Canada to post available positions on our job board, so you can draw from a larger and more skilled application pool to fill your jobs than ever before. You can come onto the site at any time and post positions available at your camp- from volunteer positions all the way up to head office availability. You set the timeline, contact information, and position description so that available applicant s from all over the country can apply to fill your position.


If your camp is registered on Canadian Adventure you can also request to be featured on our homepage as a ‘Featured Camp’. As a featured camp users who may not have already been aware of the amazing location, programming, or features of your camp can be connected to your camp contact page right from our home page. It’s just one of the many ways new campers can help find your camp in ways that previously they may not have been able to.


The features on Canadian Adventure that your camp can now take advantage of will provide amazing benefits to your camp’s user reach and online accessibility and traffic. With very little maintenance on the part of your camp, Canadian Adventure can help you expand your online presence in ways that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. Why should your camp be on Canadian Adventure? Because we want to help our users find a better Canadian camp experience, and we can’t do that without the best Canadian camps. 

Featured Camps

Camp Arowhon

Camp Arowhon

Everyone knows the value of getting away from routines and technology to spend time in nature. Around the world, kids feel a different kind of energy take hold as their camp busses roll off highways through camp gates each summer.

Camp Bil-O-Wood

Beginning in 1946, Camp Bil-O-Wood Has been run by the Ludwig Family for generations.

Keats Camps

Keats Camp

Keats Camps has been serving youth and families for over 85 years as a part of the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada. Thriving during the summer months, our property comes alive with over a thousand campers & staff and all of their visiting parents & friends.

Manitoba Pioneer Camp

Manitoba Pioneer Camp

Founded in 1940, Manitoba Pioneer Camp has been operating ever since as a life-changing summer camp for children and youth. It is part of a network of nine Inter-Varsity Camps across Canada.

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