How to write to your child at camp

When your child is away at overnight camp- possibly even for the first time, you might want to consider the possibility of writing them a letter while they are away. Mail-call at camp can be a big deal to kids; it’s that little piece of home that reaches them while they are away. To some kids, it may even be the boost they need to make it through their week away. Whether you are writing a letter to tuck into your child’s bag for them to open while they are away, or you plan to send a letter or email to them while they are away at camp, writing your child can be an amazing way to show that you love and care while your child is away from home.

Writing your child can help you share a piece of home with them while they are away. The letter becomes a tool to re-assure them that they are loved and missed but also that nothing drastic is happening to their home environment while they are away. Don’t forget though, that a letter to your child can also be comforting to you. It may ease your mind to know that you can still send your child some love while they are away and that they will look forward to hearing your words. We often forget that camp isn’t just difficult for the child but having your child away from you can be an anxious experience. It can be helpful to remember that there is still a link between you and your child even while they are away at camp.

When you write your child at camp remember to be brief and positive, you want to be able to re-assure them without pulling their minds away from the fun they are having at camp. If you dwell on how much they are missed and how you wish they were home, your re-assuring letter may have the opposite of your intended effect. Instead why not talk about a few fun things you think they might be doing at camp, and one or two things that are happening at home while they are away. Always try to center the positive around their experience t camp and not what is happening at home while they are away.

Care packages can also be a fun surprise for any camper, but try to resist packing your camper things that will go against camp policy- like large amounts of junk food or electronics, and instead send them fun activities, interactive toys, or even supplies they may need to improve their camp experience that they can share with their new camp friends. It’s always fun to get presents and it will be sure to put a smile on your campers face, but don’t send them things that will isolate them from other campers or get them into trouble with camp staff. You may want to throw in an extra bottle on sunscreen or some spare socks just to make sure your camper is comfortable while they are away!

Make sure to check with your camp how you can contact your camper while they are away. If there is no camp email address or mailing address talk with staff and post-date letters for your camper to open through their experience or even simply pack a loving note in your camper’s bag. When homesickness strikes your words might just provide a child with the extra love they need to make it through a rough patch.


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