What to Bring to Camp

What to Bring to Camp

Camps vary in their activities, and the time of year in which they take place, but there are a few key things that you will want to make sure you’ve got with you before you start out on your camping adventure. We recommend looking at the camp you are planning on attending to see if there is anything specific to that camp or location that they ask each camper to bring. The following are some reminders of things to pack along with your camper if they are heading off to Summer Camp this year:

Day Camp:

-SUNSCREEN. It’s easy to forget to pack, but much more difficult to forget the result of not having sunscreen when you need it. Even overcast days can cause nasty burns, so try and send your child prepped for the day with a good layer of sunscreen, and possibly even some to take with them to apply later.

-A HAT. Even with sunscreen, on a hot day it’s always a good idea to throw on a little extra head protection. This has the benefit of keeping the sun out of their eyes- or off their neck, along with keeping them protected from those harmful UV rays, and heat stroke.

-WATER. You can never have too much water on a hot day. Even with camps that give kids access to a fountain or other water source, having that extra bottle handy can keep everyone hydrated and happy especially on trips or during activities.

-LABELS. Kids have a tendency to misplace whatever you send with them, so instead of replacing lost items time after time consider investing in some good labels for clothes and any other items you send with your children to camp.

* You shouldn’t need to bring a lot with you to day camps (most of the items you need will be provided by the staff unless otherwise specified. Make sure you check with your camp to double check the items necessary for you to bring along each day.

Overnight Camp:

Writing out a list of everything you need will depend on what camp you choose for your child and how long they choose to go for. We’ve included here a few things we think should apply to most overnight camps that you might want to add onto your usual packing list!

-Lots of spare Socks (they get wet, lost, damaged, and it gets cold- you can never have too many socks!)

- A few changes of Underwear (see reasoning above)

-A toque and possibly even mittens for those chilly nights by the fire.

-A spare swimsuit and towel- so there’s always one handy while the other one dries.

-Clothing labels so at the end of your stay you don’t leave anything extra behind at camp (it also makes it easier to sort through the lost and found)

-A good book. Camp is a time to meet other people but it’s also a wonderful time to sit down and spend some time with yourself. There’s always a bit of room left for a good book, or even just some paper and something to write with if you prefer to write your own story.

-Letters for your camper. Whether you are sending them to the camp during their stay or you leave a note in their bag for when they need it, a letter can make all the difference in letting a child know that you miss them, and that everyone they love is just hoping they have a good time while they are away.

- Sunscreen and Bug spray. Many camps will already have this on their kit list but just make sure you’ve got it packed. Nobody wants sunburns and bug bites and it’s always better to be over prepared than underprepared.

-Shower shoes. If you’re sending you child to camp at a facility where there are shared showers then it might be a good plan to throw in a pair of flip-flops for the shower. Shared showers can always pose a risk of spreading around bacteria and germs that you don’t want on your child’s feet.

-A camera. If your child is old enough to be trusted with a camera at camp then send one along with them. It will capture all the amazing moments with their new friends so they can look back fondly on their time at camp. Pictures of their stay will also be great for telling you all about their time away when they get home!

Of course, there are many other things that could be on this list- from musical instruments to goggles for swimming, but what you bring with your child to camp is going to largely depend on the length of their stay and the programming offered at the camp they are attending. Take the time to look into the programs offered at your child’s camp and see if there’s anything else you can add to the kit list that may make their time at camp a little easier. 

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